03 August 2015 Colombia

The radio from a youth perspective

Using the radio as a means to communicate ideas about the paramo, a group of young people from the rural school of Ferralarada (IED Ferralarada) and the local knowledge holders from the National Natural Park Chingaza (PNN Chingaza) created a series of programmes called Somos Monteluna: these are the voices and stories of the Chingaza páramo. The series of programmes have interviews, reports, stories, and songs which include local testimonies and voices.

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22 June 2015 Colombia

Exploring the páramo ecosystem from schools

Schools can play an important role as a space to gather and develop knowledge related to the páramo ecosystem and climate change. This recommendation has been given by the project Communities in the páramos in Colombia.

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05 January 2015 Colombia

Prince Claus award for Abel Rodríguez is a recognition of the value of traditional knowledge

The principal Prins Claus award given to the Colombian artist and plant expert Abel Rodríguez is a recognition of the value of traditional knowledge for the conservation of the culture and habitat of indigenous communities. According to Tropenbos International, the organization that supported the work of Rodríguez, the award contributes to the self-esteem of, often marginalized, indigenous communities in the Amazon region and strengthens their role in the conservation of forests.

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04 December 2014 Colombia

Traditional cartography of the rivers and aquatic beings in the south east Colombian amazon

Traditional knowledge holders travel through the territory using mental maps and recitations of each place. Each recitation starts in the mouth of the Amazon and reaches their place of birth and settlements covering an extended portion of the Amazon rainforest.

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03 December 2014 Colombia

Local research: our own language, our own knowledge

Pragmatic and experiential knowledge of women and men living in direct contact with natural resources and ecosystem services is a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of local communities. Such knowledge is translated into decisions that are taken on a daily basis by farmers and other inhabitants of the territory. This local knowledge is transmitted through generations, sometimes it includes variations and sometimes it is actively built and renewed in face of adaptation challenges, in terms of environmental factors or the appearance of new actors.

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29 October 2014 Colombia

National Campesino Cultures Meeting

From 29-31 October 2014 the National Campesino Cultures Meeting will take place in Curití (Santander). The meeting will provide an opportunity to express and debate the great variety of cultural expressions of farmers (campesinos) in Colombia and for the recognition of the knowledge and practices of rural communities around the country.

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