07 April 2014 Colombia

The tree of life and abundance

Indigenous communities in the Colombian Amazon consider abundance, in terms of livelihood wealth, as an important aspect of their cultural background. The story “the tree of life and abundance” narrated by the indigenous elder and local researcher Abel Rodriguez includes the traditional management of food and the understanding these communities have regarding well-being as presented in their mythology of origin.

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28 November 2013 Colombia

Using the lessons from tropical forests in peace scenarios

TBI Colombia’s methodologies on participative research and project formulation within intercultural contexts are now being implemented among rural communities in the Caribbean region. This is an example of how the lessons we have derived from research in tropical forests can be extended to other ecosystems and, particularly, to areas where communities rebuilding their livelihoods amidst the aftermath of civil conflicts (i.e. under a post-conflict setting).

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19 November 2013 Colombia

Linking traditional knowledge and adaptation to climate change

When considering climate change from a local perspective many questions arise. Is climate change recognized as a problem by communities? What are the impacts associated to this phenomenon? And most importantly, what tools do local communities have in order to adapt to climate change? The resulting documents developed by TBI Colombia in the frame of the project If the climate changes, you should change too address these questions and give indications of how to link traditional knowledge to climate change adaptation.

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15 October 2013 Colombia

Local contributions to a history of mining in the Colombian Amazon

According to recent news, gold mining rafts have multiplied by ten in the Mid River Caquetá area in the last year. The rapid increase of this illegal activity will certainly leave an everlasting scar in this Amazon tropical forest area and its communities. What alternatives can be developed in order stop this highly contaminating and degrading activity?

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01 August 2013 Colombia

Strengthening communities for the participative formulation of management plans

Strengthening of local governance by stimulating communities to carry out monitoring activities of natural resources and the compilation of traditional knowledge to improve participative processes in the National Natural Park La Paya area is the main outcome of the Putumayo Three Frontiers project, which ended January 2013.

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09 July 2013 Colombia

Local research programme: Abel Rodríguez and his inventory of plants

Traditional knowledge of plants, trees and forest products can be relevant for well-managed forests, food security programmes and the strengthening of local governance. Traditional knowledge-holders have a millenary comprehension of the ecological and cultural aspects of the Amazon region and such knowledge is relevant for the formulation of local life plans and for strengthening the dialogue among local communities, traditional authorities, government institutions and other organizations.

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