09 April 2024 Colombia

Meet the Winners of the First “Young Views from the Amazon” Photo Contest

In the second half of 2023, Tropenbos Colombia invited young people from the Colombian Amazon to participate in the photography contest "Young Views from the Amazon" aimed at people between 14 and 26 years old. More than 60 photographs were received from the 6 departments that make up the Colombian Amazon.

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18 January 2024 Colombia

Fire, Earth, Water and Air: Stories about participative productive restoration in Solano

Fire, Water, Earth and Air are essential elements to understand our world. Through this short documentary series, produced in collaboration with youths from Solano (Caquetá), we follow in the agency of these elements to discover a series of stories related to Productive Participative Restoration in the Amazon rainforest. The stories take place in the context of participative processes and dialogue of knowledge platforms promoted by Tropenbos Colombia. They allow us to see how local communities are strengthening their territory and promoting a message of restoring nature amidst a devastating panorama of large-scale deforestation that is taking place in the Amazon

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21 September 2023 Colombia

From and for youth: Young leaders from the Amazon outline their priorities

After participating in a youth exchange in June 2023, youth leaders from the Amazonia in Bolivia, Colombia and Suriname proposed three strategic actions to be included in programmes in the region. The actions relate to knowledge, inclusion and incidence and well-being.

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01 September 2023 Colombia

How are local communities preparing for energy transition

The course "Challenges and opportunities in energy transition and the autonomy of communities in Caquetá" began a few days ago in Florencia. This initiative gathers 18 organizations and communities from the region. Almost 30 persons from different municipalities, including campesino and indigenous representatives, as well as women, youths, students and LGBTIQ movements participated in this dialogue.

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14 August 2023 Colombia

Photography Contest: Young Views of the Amazon

We invite you to participate in the first edition of Young views of the Amazon, a photography contest directed to young people between 14 and 23 years old living in the Amazon region in Colombia.

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09 August 2023 Colombia

Living in La Cristalina and the colonization of the Guaviare department

The National Natural Park Chiribiquete, located between the Guaviare and Caquetá departments, is also affected by deforestation and the increase of cattle rearing. We know it is the largest park in Colombia but many people live in its area of influence even if it is far away from urban centers and cities. This location is currently undergoing many rapid changes thanks to extractive economies.

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