08 September 2022 Colombia

Gaan Kuutu: a meeting of community leaders from Bolivia, Colombia and Suriname

In August 2022, an unpresented gathering occurred. This was the Gaan Kuutu, a regional exchange where 26 representatives from indigenous, tribal and peasant communities in South American had the opportunity to share first hand their experiences in how to best manage their lands.

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05 August 2022 Colombia

The importance of new perspectives on the notion of value for the local economy in Solano

An interview with Martha Moreno, economist and field adviser of the project Working Landscapes.

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01 August 2022 Colombia

The Carijona and their food

The Carijona people from the Miraflores municipality, on the banks of the Vaupés River, have a wide knowledge of the local biodiversity that expresses itself in the varied and wide range of local traditional dishes. For instance, the yuca brava (wui, bitter cassava) becomes casabe pies and fariña (tapioca), also its starch is used in the mingaos, a local porridge.

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11 July 2022 Colombia

The carijona people and the world of birds

Dabukurí is a ritual celebration of abundance for the Carijona people. It takes place during the summer (December) because it is the time when animals are breeding in the forest and also the time when the community starts preparing the land for to plant the seed in the chagra.

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28 June 2022 Colombia

The false solutions of a military approach towards deforestation in Colombia

Halting deforestation in the Colombian Amazon is a common objective for CSOs and environmental authorities. Nevertheless, some of the measures recently adopted by the government have been pointed out as fake solutions.

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25 May 2022 Colombia

The empowerment of the Korebaju indigenous women in Solano, Colombia

“We met, we were happy to meet. It was the first time we worked together only with women, and it was the first time we were in charge” said Alexandra Gutiérrez Piranga, a Korebaju indigenous woman when explaining how, through a process of building confidence and skills, they are on track for formulating projects for their own well-being and the well-being of their communities.

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