03 February 2021 Colombia

Open call: Art, culture and territory

This open callpromotes the inter-generational transmission of knowledge and the exploration of the sense of belonging to the territory and the local culture through artistic projects proposed by the young indigenous men and women living in the AIPEA (Association of Indigenous Authorities of Pedrera, Amazonas) region.

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09 December 2020 Colombia

Participative productive restoration in the Amazon rainforest

Corpoamazonia, the environmental authority in the Colombian Amazon, reports that 75,000 hectares of forest was lost in the first trimester of 2020, the same as in the whole of 2019. Participative productive restoration of forest landscapes aims to restore deforested land and improve livelihoods of those living in these areas. But most involved institutions approach this process from a very technical perspective, promoting the planting of trees species not always aligned with local conditions, and rely on ‘standard’ species, nurseries, cultivation patterns, management procedures and follow-up. But local communities have the capacity to build their own reforestation programmes based on traditional forest management, leading to truly participative productive restoration.

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08 July 2020 Colombia

From sworn enemies to partners in dialogue

Cattle ranchers and indigenous people are often not good neighbours. The municipality of Solano, in the southern Colombian province of Caquetá, was no exception. After the guerrilla movement FARC was disarmed in 2016, a power vacuum developed in the region. Ranchers and indigenous people came to oppose each other. But by establishing a dialogue between the two groups, mutual respect and trust has grown and room has been created to work on joint solutions.

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14 November 2016 Colombia

Strenghtening of the use and conservation of the tropical dry forest in the educational processes in the Colombian Carribean region

The educational processes on environmental issues about the use and conservation of the tropical dry forests in the Caribbean region in Colombia have been strengthen by the various educational materials produced by the project Alternative pedagogical approaches in the dry tropical forest.

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07 July 2016 Colombia

Facing climate change in the páramos in Colombia

Páramos are endemic ecosystems in the northern part of the Andes, found only in the high mountains of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Costa Rica. They are strategic due to their floral and faunal diversity and because of the ecosystem services they provide, including carbon sequestration in the soil and water regulation that benefits almost 70% of the inhabitants of Colombia.

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24 November 2015 Colombia

Communities in the páramos: local knowledge and capacities for the management of strategic ecosystems

Strengthening the local knowledge and the capacities is a strategy that enhances the management of strategic ecosystems as it has been demonstrated by the results obtained in the project Communities of the páramos.

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