28 June 2022 Colombia

The false solutions of a military approach towards deforestation in Colombia

Halting deforestation in the Colombian Amazon is a common objective for CSOs and environmental authorities. Nevertheless, some of the measures recently adopted by the government have been pointed out as fake solutions.

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25 May 2022 Colombia

The empowerment of the Korebaju indigenous women in Solano, Colombia

“We met, we were happy to meet. It was the first time we worked together only with women, and it was the first time we were in charge” said Alexandra Gutiérrez Piranga, a Korebaju indigenous woman when explaining how, through a process of building confidence and skills, they are on track for formulating projects for their own well-being and the well-being of their communities.

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03 May 2022 Colombia

Are collective rights the answer to our questions about local governance?

This video is an overview of the actions in the Amazon region of the Tropenbos International´s program Working Landscapes. It includes testimonies and thoughts about the activities in Colombia, Bolivia and Suriname.

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18 March 2022 Colombia

Monitoring migratory fishes in Puerto Córdoba

Local researcher Iván Yepes, from the Yucuna ethnic group, shares his exprience in the WWF Colombia and Tropenbos Colombia's project Co-responsibility in the management of migratory fish of commercial importance in the mid and low Caquetá River area. This process aims to stregthen monitoring practices among the fisherman and the improvement of management agreements among communities and with institutions. This video was produced by Simón de Man - Fílmico / WWF Colombia

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08 March 2022 Colombia

Young peasant women actively participating in taking care of their territory

In 2021, our organization decided to focus in strengthening the capacities of women and youth to participate in discussions and decisions related to their territories, as we had found that women were not actively involved, especially young women. This was part of a strategy directed to prioritize gender and youth issues in Tropenbos Colombia.

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27 January 2022 Colombia

Steps towards financing Participative Productive Restoration projects

To address the questions about the economic viability of local Participative Productive Restoration projects, Tropenbos Colombia organized the citizen´s lab “Innovative financial mechanisms for the restoration of the Amazon rainforest” in December 2021. In this meeting, many questions about financial strategies for local communities were identified and discussed in order to make proposals that contribute to the formulation of a sustainable financial mechanism for restoration projects.

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