The carijona people and the world of birds

The carijona people and the world of birds

Colombia - 11 July, 2022

Dabukurí is a ritual celebration of abundance for the Carijona people. It takes place during the summer (December) because it is the time when animals are breeding in the forest and also the time when the community starts preparing the land for to plant the seed in the chagra.

For this season, the Carijona people from the Miraflores municipality on the banks of the Vaupés River, prepares the feather crown that will be used in the Jiyana dance (sparrow hawk) that marks the start of this new beginning. The chajoko (toucan) sings when the summer starts and will sing again with the arrival of winter. The signs that the world of birds offer are indicators of the community calendar.

4 Plumas carijona.jpg

 Carijona feather art practices


Under the leadership of Estaban Carrillo, the elders Ernesto Carijona, Ana Benjumea, Lilia Gómez, Campo Elías Miranda and Efigenia Romero, and the participation of the community and the support of Andrea Rodríguez and Nurys Silva, the Carijona are taking further steps in the dialogue of knowledge between the indigenous traditional knowledge and the scientific knowledge about birds.

 2 Guías aves carijona.jpg

Research processes about birds in the Carijona territory

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Research process about birds in the Carijona territory


In very few days, this study managed to identify 230 species distributed in 67 families and 148 names of birds in Karijona language. Some of the birds in the resguardo are threatened at a global level, such as the curassow, Okoimë Crax alector, the toucans, Chajoko Ramphastos tucanus, and the harpy eagle, Wakará Harpia harpyja.

 6 Cabeciazul carijona.jpg

 Blue-headed parrot


The research process intends to rescue the deep cultural knowledge of the Carijona people about the diversity and conservation of birds. Through the creation of pedagogical materials, the definition of a birdwatching track and the conformation of a group of leaders and guides in this subject matter, the community seeks to strengthen the local school, the local monitoring processes and the protection of diversity.

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The project Manekone Karijona Esemarï Tae (Vamos por el fortalecimiento carijona )in the Indigenous Resguardo of Puerto Nare is an initiative with the support of Tropenbos Colombia and Visión Amazonia.