The false solutions of a military approach towards deforestation in Colombia

The false solutions of a military approach towards deforestation in Colombia

Colombia - 28 June, 2022

Halting deforestation in the Colombian Amazon is a common objective for CSOs and environmental authorities. Nevertheless, some of the measures recently adopted by the government have been pointed out as fake solutions.

Some of the reasons are: their poor effectiveness; the high cost they imply; the human rights violations their execution has implied with ethic groups and peasant communities; the lack of participation and prior consultancy in the different phases; as well as the absence of a territory and community approaches in their design and implementation, among other observations.

Such is the case of the Artemisa Campaign, a measure focused on military operations and the prosecution of environmental crimes by a specialized commission. Unfortunately, this campaign is being developed in a selective manner and acts exceedingly against peasant and indigenous families. In other words, the campaign disregards the actors who are mainly responsible for large-scale deforestation and that are land grabbing in order to use the deforested areas to develop projects for the cattle industry, illicit cultivations, industrial single-crop farming and illegal mining, among others. Below you may find a document with several of the concerns and criticisms to this military approach towards conservation.

The document has been signed by 40 national and international social organizations, research groups and NGOs focused on human rights and environment. It has been used in the advocacy tour recently organized by Tropenbos International and Tropenbos Colombia in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

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