17 April 2023 Colombia

Another chapter in multi-actor dialogues about the Amazon region

Community initiatives mainly developed by women were protagonical in the latest regional dialogue "Thinking and acting from the territories" that took place recently in Mocoa, Putumayo. Following the meetings in Florencia (Caquetá) and in San José del Guaviare (Guaviare) in 2022, this edition made it evident that local communities are leading the run in protecting the forests.

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08 March 2023 Colombia

Nature and Finances: The Need of A gender approach

What is the financial system’s approach to the value of nature? What implications do financial mechanisms have in terms of gender? What routes are recommended when working with indigenous and campesino communities in the Colombian Amazon? These are some of the matters being discussed with Laura Catalina Oviedo Delgado, a biologist dedicated to the research, monitoring and analysis of socio-environmental conflicts and alternatives in the Amazon region. Our conversation with her has contributed to a further understanding of the forest economies.

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18 January 2023 Colombia

The plants of the Korebaju women

The Korebaju women form the municipality of Solano have been participatively elaborating an inventory of plants that are relevant to them and that represent the health of the territory from their perspective. In this process they have registered more than 100 plants and stil counting. This contribution of the Korebaju women should be considered in participative productive restoration projects.

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16 December 2022 Colombia

Building community appropriation of the territory in Calamar

Local research, exchanges among elders and the development of pedagogical territorial projects are some of the actions taking place in the municipality of Calamar, Guaviare, to enhance the community appropriation of management and restoration processes in the territory. All these processes developed by Tropenbos Colombia include the participation of women, youths, children and elders so the management of territory and the interaction among communities becomes more active and thus contribute to territory ordering processes by organizations such as WWF Colombia, our strategic partner in the region.

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10 December 2022 Colombia

Invitation to present proposals

Here an invitation to present proposals for the development of editorial products of the project «Vamos por el fortalecimiento Carijona». Due date December 15, 2022.

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07 December 2022 Colombia

Thinking about deforestation in the Amazon territories

“Thinking and acting in the territories” were two important regional meetings to discuss deforestation in the Colombian Amazon. The dialogue included more than 100 persons that shared their views on deforestation and presented alternatives and proposals led by indigenous and campesino communities.The first one took place starting September in Florencia, Caquetá, in the Universidad de la Amazonia and the second one starting November in the Casa Cultural San José del Guaviare, Guaviare.

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