09 August 2023 Colombia

Living in La Cristalina and the colonization of the Guaviare department

The National Natural Park Chiribiquete, located between the Guaviare and Caquetá departments, is also affected by deforestation and the increase of cattle rearing. We know it is the largest park in Colombia but many people live in its area of influence even if it is far away from urban centers and cities. This location is currently undergoing many rapid changes thanks to extractive economies.

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11 July 2023 Colombia

Yuruparí Youths: A Strategy to Consolidate Cultural Identity

What social problems must be faced by the young in the low Caquetá River area? What are their concerns in their life projects? What are the topics that call their attention and what do they want to strenghten? These are a few of the questions proposed in the participative diagnostic of the project «Yuruparí Youths».

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05 July 2023 Colombia

Creative labs to strengthen schools in Calamar

In order to include studies about the territory in schools, Tropenbos Colombia has been promoting meetings to discuss, give feedback and enhance creativity among teachers in the municipality of Calamar, Guaviare. Through this mechanism we aim to invite teachers to think of their classrooms as situated in a specific territory, to use the forests, rivers and farms as part of their classrooms and to make of schools a platform to transmit local and traditional knowledge.

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23 May 2023 Colombia

What do youths in restoration want?

Productive Pariticpative Restoration is increasingly more important in the views of youths about their territory in Solano, specifically when discussing mechanisms to take care of the territory. We have been working in understanding the views youths have, their interests and future visions, understand their own terms and strengthen their capacities in order to make them sensitive future leaders of their territories.

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18 April 2023 Colombia

Seed exchange by the Korebaju women in Solano

"This meeting aims to remind us how our ancestors lived. Also to recover and renovate and sow new seeds. For me, a seed is a family, so we cannot lose a member of the family. And also, we need to recover the families that have been lost." These words were pronounced by the leader Marina Valencia to open the seed exchange that recently took place in the Indigenous Resguardo Jericó Consaya in Solano, Caquetá.

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17 April 2023 Colombia

Intercultural camps for the consolidation of territories

The first edition of the intercultural camps in the region of Calamar was a vivid experience that allowed the Eastern Tucano people and the students of the La Cristalina school share fundamental aspects of their culture. Students had the opportunity to visit the indigenous resguardo and they couls also present their own ways of living to the indigenous communities. As a result intercultural fiels trips enhance a sense of interculturality and underline the importance of working together for the territory.

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