General Board

Marta Cárdenas
Economist, coordinator and sub-director of the Friedrich Ebert Colombia-Fescol Foundation (1982-2013). She was Executive Secretary of the National Peace Price (1999-2013), Programme Director of the Centro de Estudios de la Realidad Colombiana (Center for the Studies about Colombian Reality) and Programme Director of the Fondo Editorial CEREC (1990-2010) as well as Director of the magazine Eco-logica(1988-1992). Founder member of the National Environmental Forum.

María Clara van der Hammen
Anthropologist with PhD in Cultural Anthropolgy from Utrecht University, Netherlands. She is an expert in participative research with indigenous, campesino and afrodescendant communities and has been working as a professor in anthropology undergraduate and post-graduate academic programs. Her area of research is participative strategies in communities directed to study territory management, environment strategies, climate change, food security and intangible cultural preservation strategies from a local perspective. She has wide experience in assessing local research projects with communities.

Carlos Rodríguez

Biologist with a PhD in Natural Siences from Amsterdam University. He has worked in the generation of knowledge and in the conservation of the Colombian Amazon since 1981 with an emphasis on the traditional management of the rainforest by indigenous communities. He has contributed in debates about local and traditional knowledge in national and international scenarios, in pedagogical strategies within indigenous contexts and in the generation of productive alternatives in rainforest areas.

Manuel Rodríguez Becerra
Emeritus Professor in the Administration Faculty of the Universidad de los Andes. Industrial engineer from the Universidad de los Andes and B.Litt. in Administration from Oxford University. He was the first Minister of Environment in Colombia, co-founder of the initiative Parques Naturales Cómo Vamos for the SDG programme for Latin America and the Caribean and co-founder and president of the National Environmental Forum.

Néstor Alfonso Gutiérrez
Teacher and international legal consultant with a degree in Latin American Development from Ilades, Santiago de Chile. He studied Law in the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá and a MA in International Cooperation and Development from the Universidad Externado de Colombia. He has been the legal consultant of Tropenbos Colombia since 1992.