Strengthening intercultural education in Solano


Strengthening intercultural education in Solano

Within the framework of an agreement with Nia Tero, Tropenbos Colombia has started to accompany the teaching processes of the Solano education institutions. Through this process we hope to strengthen teaching practicesans contribute with the construction of an intercultural framework and to improve the connection of schools with the territory. This way we promote the well-being of students in contexts of cultural diversity and also some administrative processes aimed at strengthening educational autonomy.

In Solano, Caquetá, the challenge of including the territory and its current dynamics into local educational processes is finally taking place. The project "Strengthening intercultural education in the municipality of Solano" seeks to strengthen intercultural education through the design and development of curricula by the local indigenous and peasant communities through teacher training, the development of territorial educational projects and the systematization of experiences.

This initiative counts with the participation of 14 teachers, including indigenous people from the Koreguaje and Uitoto people and farmers belonging to two educational institutions in Solano. One of them is the Campo Elías Marulanda Educational Institution, located in the urban area of ​​the municipality and the other is the Koreguaje Indigenous Rural Educational Institution, with community schools inten reservations of the Koreguaje.

On the one hand, 4 teachers from the IE Campo Elías Marulanda participate in developing territorial educational projects with topics such as the identification and monitoring of native fish species, the valuation of Amazonian biodiversity from an artistic perspective, the establishment of an ecological garden to encourage collaborative work, the importance of food securityat the family level and the diagnosis of the contributions of nature in the school environment.

On the other hand, the 15 indigenous teachers participate in the IE Koreguaje have been developing their territorial educational projects in the knowledge and conservation of the forest from their cultural perspective through topics such as the names of the trees in their own language, the ecological calendar of animal husbandry. of the forest, stories between animals, stories of origin of trees, relationship with neighbors and with the forest, relationship of clans with animals, trees and food sovereignty and the wood museum.