Voices from the landscape: Locally-owned solutions for thriving and resilient landscapes

Voices from the landscape: Locally-owned solutions for thriving and resilient landscapes

Colombia - 25 May, 2024

Hope thrives as local champions rise, transforming their forests and landscapes. Join us in exploring their inspiring stories and solutions in "Voices from the Landscape."

The forested tropics are facing a crisis marked by rapid environmental degradation and communities in vulnerable situation. Transforming degraded forests into thriving, climate-resilient landscapes is possible, and we believe it hinges on local people taking the lead.

The Tropenbos International network supports local stakeholders to implement their own solutions to tackle environmental degradation and climate change by improving the conditions for sustainable use of forest and trees. We work in landscapes located on the frontier between forests and agriculture, where local and global challenges of poverty, climate change, and biodiversity loss intersect.

Ranging from productive landscape restoration and agroforestry, to sustainable forest management, locally-owned solutions (LoS) are as diverse as the landscapes we work in. LoS are always managed collaboratively by the local stakeholders of the landscape so that they meet their requirements, under their terms. Their knowledge, experience, and reliance on ecosystems make local people the most effective guardians of the landscape.

In our journey, we often meet inspiring people who are catalysts of change in their landscapes. With just a bit of support, they can drive transformational change in their communities and beyond. We want to spotlight these men and women and the solutions they champion, contributing to more sustainable forest and tree use. This not only benefits their livelihoods but also aids in biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation.

We have invited local champions from Bolivia, Colombia, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Suriname, and Viet Nam to share their challenges on forests and landscapes and success solutions to address them. These stories are a source of inspiration and a call to action. We must listen to them and foster the conditions for their success.

Enjoy the "Voices from the Landscape" mini-documentaries to hear what these champions have to say and witness the changes they are making on the ground:



DR Congo