Urgent Safeguarding Plan for the Nukak Indigenous Group


Urgent Safeguarding Plan for the Nukak Indigenous Group

The Nukak ethnic group entered in contact with global society only decades ago and is considered to be in high cultural risk because its territory has been considerably reduced by the presence of illegal armed groups and the advance of the agricultural frontier.

The Nukak are assisted by a great diversity of local, national and international institutions but have difficulties at inter-institutional coordination and, in some cases, operate with a lack of knowledge of this indigenous group. The Urgent Safeguarding Plan contemplates a capacity building strategy for the young Nukak and the generation of an inter-institutional platform for the attention of this ethnic group. TBI Colombia will participate, in partnership with Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in the technical education degree Construction of tools to approach diversity that has the objective of strengthening the technical capacities of people that work with indigenous communities.

This project is being developed under the framework of the project: Strengthening the capacity for the management of intangible cultural heritage in indigenous, rural and campesino communities.


February - November 2014


To strengthen the implementation of the Urgent Safeguarding Plan for the Nukak Indigenous Group