Integral Safeguarding of Campesino Cultures


Integral Safeguarding of Campesino Cultures

Some human groups have been closer to the exercise of cultural rights, like indigenous and afrodescendent communities, but campesino communities, that do not have a specific ethnic determination, are generally strange to those initiatives. In Colombia, campesino cultures have concentrated their effort in land rights, organizational and representation processes and the definition of programmes for economic support. The incorporation of cultural rights promotes an integral understanding of their reality, an approach to their particular relationship to the territory, social and resistance organizations, historical perspectives and knowledge related to their context and productive systems.

In this project that considers the safeguarding of campesino cultures, TBI Colombia initiates a collaboration strategy with campesino organization in the provinces of Santander and Cundinamarca for the identification of their intangible heritage and the development of local research and safeguarding activities by age and gender. The process will be systematized with campesino associations thus strengthening local organizations.

TBI Colombia and the Ministry of Culture will also organize the National Congress of Campesino Cultures 2014, an event in which campesino communities and organizations will show the diversity of cultural expressions, dance, music, gastronomy, trade skills and knowledge related to the territory. We expect at the end of the event to obtain a set of recommendations directed to the Ministry of Culture about safeguarding activities in these kind of communities.

This project is being developed under the frame work of the project: Strengthening the capacity for the management of intangible cultural heritage in indigenous, rural and campesino communities.


February - November 2014


Through collaboration with campesino organizations of the provinces of Santander and Cundinamarca identify their intangible heritage and to develop local research and safeguarding activities by age and gender.