Commemoration of the International Year of Forests 2011

Commemoration of the International Year of Forests 2011

Colombia - 03 November, 2011

Tropenbos International Colombia has joined the celebration of the International Year of Forests participating in various activities promoted by the environmental sector. At these events TBI Colombia has shared its experience on indigenous forest management.

International Congress on Forests
The Botanical Garden Joaquin Antonio Uribe in Medellin, organised on 23 - 24 June, 2011, the International Congress on Forests. TBI Colombia participated in the panel “Forests, climate change and the national environmental system”, with the presentation “Climate Change: local visions” and exhibited some illustrations of Amazon forest tree species by Abel Rodriguez.

Trends in Amazonian forest research, management and monitoring as tools for decision making
From 12 to 14 September 2011, the Institute Sinchi organised in the city of Leticia the forum: “Trends in Amazonian forest research, management and monitoring as tools for decision-making”. The event featured expert speakers on Amazon rainforest conservation and sustainable forest management. Carlos Rodriguez, programme director of Tropenbos International Colombia, presented the conference Indigenous management of the Amazon forest, with as central theme the relationship of the indigenous people with nature and their sustainable use of the resources since ancient times. Also, the indigenous leader Daniel Matapi, gave the presentation ancient use of the forest, showing the results of his local research in the programme.

International Congress on the Environment
On 26 and 27 September, 2011 the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies - CSID Colombia - with the support of the organization Alisos, held the fourth International Congress on the Environment with as main theme Forest Conservation and its potential in development strategies. Jan McAlpine, Director of the United Nations Forum on Forests, and Tony Juniper, advisor to the Prince of Wales in forestry issues participated in this event. TBI Colombia, participated with the presentation “Indigenous contribution to the Amazon forest conservation and the local visions on payments for environmental services”.

Forests and people
The Research Institute of Biological Resources Alexander von Humboldt and Tropenbos International Colombia organized the Forests and People Meeting from 15 to 17October, 2011. During this event the knowledge of local communities of forest management and the importance of its sustainability as a source of life was recognised. Local community leaders were invited to present their experiences on timber and ntfp harvesting, forest conservation, water use and the use of flora and wildlife as sources of food and medicine.