Knowledge Dialogue in BIOEXPO 2010

Knowledge Dialogue in BIOEXPO 2010

Colombia - 02 January, 2011

From 18-24 November, Tropenbos International Colombia participated in the event BIOEXPO 2010 through the construction of a “maloca”, a traditional house and meeting place of the indigenous people of the Amazon. The maloca served as a place for a knowledge based dialogue on climate change, indigenous territories and natural resource management among different indigenous communities of Colombia and other countries of Latin America.

One of the outcomes of the different dialogues was the initiative to create a Latin-American network of indigenous ancestral knowledge with the aim to strengthen each other and exchange experiences in political negotiation for the management of indigenous territories and education directed to cultural strengthening.

Representatives of UNESCO, RH Positivo, CorpoAmazonia, the Upper Magdalena Autonomous Corporation, Tropenbos International Colombia, the Quitsato research team from Ecuador, indigenous leaders from Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and Honduras and from the Colombian ethnic groups Tamapaez, Embera, Ingano, Kogui, Uitoto, Upichía and Yucuna participated in the event.

BioExpo is a fair held each year in Colombia that aims to promote sustainable production processes associated with the use and exploitation of natural resources for eco-industrial and environmental services with a high potential in domestic and international markets.